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Get Ready For Our Epic Book Drive

We have teamed up with Better World Books to host the most Epic Book Drive in history. HOW EPIC WILL IT BE? Glad you asked: Our goal is to collect 1 million books from teens nationwide to stock libraries in the Recovery School District in New Orleans. That's because in the Big Easy's low-income neighborhoods, there's only one book for every 300 children, and you can do something to make sure every kid has access to good books.

Sign up at to lead your own drive and get more info. We'll pay for all of the book shipping, and the top drives will receive prizes like $5000 or E-readers for your school library and $1000 college scholarships!
We’ve teamed up with Better World Books to change that. Join the Epic Book Drive. We want you to run book drives in your schools and communities, and send them to Better World Books (free of charge). We’ll make sure they're donated or sold to raise funds for New Orleans’ Recovery School District libraries.
It's Ludacris if you don't. Actually, its Ludacris if you do. He's our campaign spokesperson. Check back for his PSA!
How you ask? Easy:
  1. Sign up (to the right). We'll send you an e-mail within 3 business days, with access info for the Better World Books portal. There, you'll be able to order book boxes and print mailing labels to ship your donated books free of charge.
  2. Post pictures and tell us why your book drive is so Epic. You can also send us your pix by text message. Text your photo to "". Two people who submit outstanding photos via text will win a $500 college scholarship!
  3. When your drive is done, and no later than May 15th, be sure to access the Better World Books portal and coordinate a shipment of your donated books.
Collect 150 boxes or more, and we’ll make it even easier. Better World Books will pick them up from your school.
The most Epic book drive of all will win a $1000 donation to their school library, and a pizza party for the whole school!


Community Resource Network ANNOUNCES Annoited Touch FUNDRAISING PROGRAM IN PARTNERSHIP WITH SOLES4SOULS™ Inc., THE SHOE CHARITY, Starting Feb 28, 2010—Fredericksburg Virginia.


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Gotta Be In It To Win It ($30,000)

Gotta Be In It To Win It ($30,000)
Text: SS2G To: 244326

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