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Face The Facts To Save Kratom...Write Your Legislatures!

Bring Awareness: Face The Facts!

Last year I tried to bring attention to the natural substance known as Kratom and the DEAs attempt to ban.  Kratom has been scientifically proven to be safe! Within this past year TWO 8 Factor Analyses totaling 383 pages of factual scientific data highlighting the positive safety profile, non-addictive potential, and overall low abuse profile of kratom! 

Pharmaceuticals are the leaders in this widespread opioid epidemic. I am one of the many effected by pharmaceutics forced drugs leading to chemical dependency.  Several years of being prescribed narcotics to include hydrocodone, xanax, then to subutex. The clinics did not want to dose down so I started detoxing with Kratom. Within 60 days I was drug free! -Andrea D. Jackson

Write Your Legislatures! 

(Sample Letter)

We write today in regards to the November 14 FDA public health advisory on kratom, a traditional tealeaf and dietary ingredient under section 201(ff)(1) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act) [21 U.S.C. 321(ff)(1)], that is supported by millions of Americans nationwide. This advisory comes to us one year after the DEA attempted to emergency schedule kratom and its natural constituents in September 2016. This unprecedented action prompted 51 members of the House of Representatives and 11 U.S. Senators to request that the DEA delay the order, gather additional information and science, and allow time for a public comment period. The 6-week comment period garnered over 23,000 comments: 99.1% of Americans requested kratom remain legal and 0.49% were for scheduling the herb, while the DEA deferred to the FDA for the additional facts and science that elected officials and Americans requested. 

University professors and scientists, world-renowned addiction experts, and the nation’s leading toxicologists came together to produce not one, but two 8 Factor Analyses totaling 383 pages of factual scientific data highlighting the positive safety profile, non-addictive potential, and overall low abuse profile of kratom. The recent FDA advisory statement claims that kratom “has similar effects to narcotics like opioids, and carries similar risks of abuse, addiction and in some cases, death.” This statement is contrary to the overwhelming science that has been presented before us by countless researchers and scientists alike. The FDA’s own Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) database, looked after by the FDA, shows that between 2011-2017 there has not been one single death attributed to kratom alone in the U.S. while TOXNET, Toxicology Data Network, documents no deaths attributable solely to kratom, as reported in Dr. Sawyer’s sworn affidavit signed November 30, 2016. The most recent information collected by the U.S. National Poison Data System, and published in the journal Clinical Toxicology , shows “no deaths whatsoever from dietary supplements across the board or any other dietary ingredient.” Scientific study has proven that mitragynine, a natural constituent of the kratom leaf, will not cause respiratory depression, which is how most opiate overdose deaths occur. 

The FDA advisory is also concerned with kratom products being marketed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. We applaud the FDA for sending notices to companies that are making therapeutic and drug claims about kratom products. In recent years the majority of responsible manufacturers have properly labeled their products and have followed cGMP guidelines for manufacturing. Some states even restrict sales to minors and most companies’ labels reflect this. 
Given these facts, there is more than enough research and evidence in support of kratom being a safe herb that millions of Americans use to support their health and overall well-being. We understand the FDA’s desire to uphold public health and safety, and we share the common goal of seeing unsafe products removed from the market. However, we politely ask that the FDA refrain from recommending that kratom be scheduled and withdraw its current advisory alert. The peer reviewed science and research that was requested by our elected officials and the DEA is still fresh from last year, while marketers are seeking proper development through the FDA's guidance process. Please urge the FDA to reconsider their present course and to pursue a more favorable path for the stakeholders involved and the American public. 


Bitcoin - Litecoin - Ether - The Future Is NOW!

Open Source Has Made Way, Cryptocurrency Is Here To Stay!

With great satisfaction... Not afraid to say, "Told You So!"
Stemming from a greater subject written right here, on this very blog! Twelve years ago (or better, actually!) Eager to learn anything thought to be of value later in this venture. Digging deep into the Open Source materials!

How much value would this really be if not given to others to benefit from as well?..
Originally everything sought was to achieve our very own personal and business goals. Something just didn't set right. Feeling as if we needed more, to do more!

Sharing IS Caring...
In efforts to provide this same information to the non profit sectors as well as small business owners! We wanted to share anything and everything that would greatly impact the organisation or business. Countless hours turned into long weeks, months, even years. Time was well spent reaching out to help others and watching this continually grow!

Saving Time/Saving Money!.. 


Enjoy BIG Savings While Shopping & Unshopping During Holidays

We all know all to well what shopping is, and I bet most everybody is doing a great deal of it right now. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the first couple of days to kick off the shopping season. You may have found some great buys, but those deals were few and far between I bet. Over the years I have found many are not even worth the hassle trying to get either! With the super sales already gone where does one find the remaining gifts?

Many shoppers are still scoping out for sales hoping to find that perfect gift at a reasonable price. There are many things that are well worth the splurge, so finding everything else with a discount would be wonderful! All of this hustle can get overwhelming so I have applied the Unshopping rule to myself for this entire season as well. Everything for me will be only unshopping, thus saving even more to spend on everyone else or donate. So far Im doing great!

Ok, So what is Unshopping?!
I accepted the Unshopping Challenge awhile back and was successful so Im doing more! (You can never do enough Unshopping!)

Yerdle is an online market place that lets you go shopping for free! You give items you are not using to someone who will, and get the items you need from those who have it. You post pictures of your items and in return earn a virtual currency. Yerdle funds are then used to buy the items you want instead of shopping for it new. I have used Yerdle to give away jewelry, digital camera, bluetooth adapter, maternity clothing and a vintage Christmas dress for a little girl and more. It was stuff I wasn't using anymore and cluttering up the house. I'm happy to have given those items a second life with someone else. In return, Ive used my Yerdle dollars to score some pretty sweet stuff  (I GOT MAIL!)

Can you stop shopping for 30 days and still get the stuff you need? Wanna take the Challenge?  Here's how it works:

The Challenge:

  • Then install the app on iPhone or Android.
  • For 30 days, buy nothing new (except things you can’t reuse like food and gas).
  • Go through your stuff, and post pictures of items you’re ready to give away.
  • If you do need something, get it reused on Yerdle instead.

The Goods:

  • Join a growing movement of unshoppers using Yerdle to simplify and save.
  • Experience the freedom of letting go of things you no longer need.
  • Feel the joy of getting awesome stuff from people like you … for free!

The Gravy:

  • Join the unshopping community on Facebook.
  • Get free shipping on one item on Yerdle.
  • Get exclusive Yerdle Reuse Dollar bonuses.
  • Earn a badge on your Yerdle profile.

    So what are you waiting for? Join me in the Unshopping Challenge Today!

BUT WAIT...It Gets Even Better

(Take the Challenge AFTER You Sign Up For Your Account Through My Link. You Will Get $35 YD & A Free Shipping Credit!)


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Virtual office support is accomplished by utilizing the skills of a professional Virtual Assistant (VA). A Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor who provides administrative, accounting, creative or technical services from an off-site location. A professional VA assists their clients in many area of expertise all from the virtual assistant's own office on a contractual basis.

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