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Free Photo Book For Deployed Or Overseas Military

Send a free photo book to a military member stationed abroad (to A.P.O, F.P.O, or M.P.O. addresses only).

Sending a little taste of home to service men and women serving overseas has been a cornerstone of the USO for 70 years and that tradition continues with the USO Photo Book program, powered byRocketLife.
Friends and family can create a 20-page personal photo book and ship it to any APO, FPO or MPO address for free. These full-color, 5”x7” softcover books fit perfectly in a soldier’s cargo pant pocket, yet hold more than 60 photos. RocketLife prints the books for free and the USO pays for shipping.
Supporters simply visit, generate a coupon code and launch the RocketLife software. RocketLife’s Smart Arrangement™ technology helps anyone create a unique photo book in as little as three minutes or customize it extensively with hundreds of graphic themes, styled text, elegant blending effects and literally billions of border styles. With two clicks, people can copy their photo book layout onto any other item in the catalog, from key tags to coffee mugs. (Any additional purchases through the site benefit the work of the USO.)
Here is one testimonial from the wife of a soldier and his reaction upon receiving a USO Photo Book:
“My husband has been deployed for over 11 months. This is his first deployment since we’ve been together, and this year has been extremely hard for me and my family. I had no idea what deployments were like. A lot of bad things have happened since he’s been gone, so the majority of the time I get to talk to him it’s about business. 
“Receiving a free book from you made my husband’s day! He was so surprised and showed it to everyone in his unit. They were all jealous and wanted to know how I had made the book. For the first time in many months my husband and I laughed and were so giggly on the phone after he received the photo album. This was an excellent morale booster for both of us. He is able to carry it in his ACU pocket and take it everywhere with him. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!” 


Community Resource Network ANNOUNCES Annoited Touch FUNDRAISING PROGRAM IN PARTNERSHIP WITH SOLES4SOULS™ Inc., THE SHOE CHARITY, Starting Feb 28, 2010—Fredericksburg Virginia.


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Gotta Be In It To Win It ($30,000)

Gotta Be In It To Win It ($30,000)
Text: SS2G To: 244326

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