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Angies World ( Black Friday Pet Smart)

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Littermaid Elite Basic 5500 Automatic Litter Box - $69.99

Nature's Miracle Training Pads 10 Ct. - $2.99

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Petlinks Fun Beam Laser Cat Toy - 50% Off

Red Barn Large Filled Bones - 50% Off

Select Zoo Med Reptile Lighting - $5.00 Off

Super Pet Critterrail Primary Start Habitat - $9.99

Tetra Whisper Bio Bag Cartridges Medium & Large 12-Pks - $4.50 Off

Tidy Cats Instant Action Odor Control Scoop Litter 35 lb. Bucket Plus $5 PetSmart Gift Coupon - $9.99

Top Paw 22" Solid Faux Suede And Plush Dog Bed - $7.99

Top Paw 36" x 45" Pillow Dog Bed - 50% Off

Top Paw Colorblock Cable Sweater - $4.99

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Whisker City Kitty Crow's Nest - $199.99


Community Resource Network ANNOUNCES Annoited Touch FUNDRAISING PROGRAM IN PARTNERSHIP WITH SOLES4SOULS™ Inc., THE SHOE CHARITY, Starting Feb 28, 2010—Fredericksburg Virginia.


iNforma Nation's Center for Leadership & Community Engagement offers this sites Volunteer Opportunities List solely as a public service to the members of the community. The Center for Leadership & Community Engagement makes NO REPRESENTATIONS OR RECOMMENDATIONS REGARDING THE AGENCIES AND ORGANIZATIONS LISTED. Unless expressly noted, the organizations listed are fully independent. Further, iNforma Nation's Center for Leadership & Community Engagement ASSUME NO RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY, for personal or property injuries resulting to it's users, or for damages caused by such, resulting from it's users participation in the activities of these organizations. Please check with the agency to find out if it provides any insurance or liability coverage for its volunteers.


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Activities & Opportunities

For individuals the option to make a cash donation may not be an option due to the downturn in the economy. In fact donating your time to achieve an organizations efforts is far more recognized and valued than any monetary contribution could ever be. It takes the determination and dedication of its members and/or team. There are many organizations, schools & community's that need that extra backbone to aid in its much needed events, activities & campaigns that we have chosen to dedicate our time and efforts to many local and distant goals. At this time we are seeking volunteers/donors to join iNforma Nation's Community Resource Network with any of the listed projects and provide any assistance possible. You will be recognized in our "Passion 2 Action Hall of Fame" Among various press/media releases. We Thank You in advance for your time and efforts....because we are tomorrows future!

Gotta Be In It To Win It ($30,000)

Gotta Be In It To Win It ($30,000)
Text: SS2G To: 244326

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Whether you are a Ph.D. LCSW, GSW, MFT, or represent one of the many other professions in the field of social work, in time we will have a platform for you to do on-line training and seminars in webinar form, with promotion of your event. You will also be able to use this site to promote and sell your professional materials in conjunction with your training or seminar event. Check back to see updates to the pricing schedule for more information and details for this service.