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Dressbarn Seeks Clothes Donations

With an increasing number of women looking for work, dressbarn's annual "Send One Suit Weekend" aims to help women in need seeking a job by providing a proper outfit to wear for the job interview.

Gently used suites, dresses, skirts, slacks, blouses, belts and shoes are being accepted during the drive. The store is offering 15% off a total purchase as a thank-you.
The national apparel retailer, geared toward the working woman, has teamed up with Dress for Success, an international nonprofit organization, to collect articles of professional attire that will be donated to women looking for a job or trying to re-enter the workforce.
"This program  provides the initial, yet vital, step of supporting women with the proper attire building their confidence to succeed in getting a "job" said Linda Liberto of Dressbarn in Grannville.
"Send One Suit" weekend encourages customers to donate a suite or any professional clothing that can be used by someone less fortunate who is working to a better life. The last thing a woman should have to worry about is weather her wardrobe will prevent her from being seriously considered for employment."

For a list of locations and acceptable items: 

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